Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 5 - Arrivederci Mediterraneo

After a rather rough night of winds and waves, and a few of the crew succumbing to a bit of seasickness, we awoke to somewhat calmer seas. But the winds were still with us. The visual crew tried a couple of times to go on effort, but found it just too much and had to stand down.

This afternoon we arrived at Algeciras, Spain, beside the famous Rock of Gibraltar where we did a personnel transfer by small boat. As we stood off-shore, the two people joining us arrived and two people left. One of the people leaving us was an engine technician that was fine tuning the engines. The other, was a man who has been on all of the SIRENA cruises to date and who will be retiring from the Centre soon. It has been a bitter sweet four days for him but we were very glad he could join us for this portion of the cruise.

We now are steaming straight to our survey area and will arrive there mid afternoon tomorrow, when we will start the survey work for SIRENA 10.

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