Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 2 - Set Up

The first full day at sea began with a meeting of the scientific crew to meet each other and for the Scientist in Charge to go over the aims of the cruise and the roles that each of the crew members will play. Following the meeting, the visual observation team checked out their equipment, including the “Big Eye” binoculars.

The acoustic team finished setting up their equipment and prepared one of the arrays for deployment. We were all pleased to see that the array worked well when placed into the water. Our IT technician worked hard at getting our local area network up and running while dealing with the satellite internet system that just didn’t seem to want to work. Once we discovered that the problem was at the providers end, we breathed a bit easier and will just wait for them to complete their repairs. Meanwhile, the ship's crew worked hard at ensuring that all was in good working order and ready for the 45 days at sea that we have ahead.

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  1. Good sea, good wind and good luck!!! this year I'm in land :( , I hope to see all you soon. Baci desde Bilbao.