Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 3 - Shakedown

Just finishing up our second day at sea and it was a full day. The day started with the satellite internet connection still down, but by about 10:30 it was back on with the caution that we may lose it again tomorrow, but we are hopeful that it will remain. We had the opportunity to put all of our towed acoustic equipment in the water today for a bit of a shakedown and all seemed to work fairly well. Some additional fine tuning may be needed, but all in all they are working fine.

The visual crew completed their training and equipment check this morning and went “on effort” this afternoon. The visual crew saw dolphins at various times and the acoustic crew detected both the dolphins and some sperm whales in the area. A very satisfying day! Tomorrow it is forecasted for increased winds and waves, so we may be limited in our ability to continue testing equipment. We may also need to make up some time that was lost today due to the communication problem and some of the testing.

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